How To Start Building Traffic




Start Building Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and there are many unique traffic building methods available to online marketers. First and foremost you have to be able to attract new targeted visitors to your site. The need to get traffic to your site should be your primary concern for your online business. With more traffic, the more potential customers you can get to buy your product or services and there is no such thing as too much traffic.

Is Your Site Worth Visiting?

start building trafficFor starters your first step which is an important one should be to drive traffic to your content rich website. I mean seriously you don’t want site visitors going to an incomplete website with no content would you, that’s like walking into a furniture store with no furniture. You want to create unique keyword rich content for visitors and lets not forget about the search engines, search engines love fresh unique content and they have their ways of punishing you for having duplicate content.

Keeping your content fresh and up to date is a valuable asset to your visitors and it will help to establish you & your site as an authority. You also want to have as many pages as possible and if they are search engine optimized even better, the key is not to create award winning literature, but to create valuable content. With this unique content spread throughout your site you will begin to get relevant/targeted traffic from the search engines. Google says that about half of all searches are unique phrases. This unique content is more likely to drive quality traffic to your site.

Understand Your Keywords

Don’t commit your website content to one or two keywords.resized_grandma-finds-the-internet-meme-generator-finding-keywords-how-hard-can-it-be-1a951d
The goal is to rank for multiple keywords or keyword phrases.

Aim high when you think about the number of relevant keywords for your site and create a post around that phrase. Your business will benefit from traffic related to having multiple targeted keywords. It’s understandable if you are unable to create hundreds of pages in one sitting.

Building Traffic With Keywords

Example: A CPA company based in East Hartford, Connecticut could easily expect to receive traffic for hundreds of keywords. The key is to create content around the relevant keywords such as:

East Hartford CPA

East Hartford CPAs

East Hartford CPA firm

East Hartford accountant

East Hartford tax accountant

East Hartford accounting services

East Hartford CPA services

East Hartford certified public accountant

San Diego accountant CPA

East Hartford CPA accounting

East Hartford certified public CPA

East Hartford public accountant

Accountant East Hartford

The list can go on as long as you create content around that keyword. Keep in mind that East Hartford; Connecticut has cities and counties such as Fairfield, Hartford, New Haven, Litchfield counties etc., and don’t forget cities like Windsor, New Britain, Newington  and many more. Each of the counties and cities can be plugged in place of “East Hartford”. You can create a lot of unique web pages with the above keywords variations to help build traffic and sales.

start building traffic to your site


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