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Scope Freak Periscope Video Downloader

All Periscope videos have a 24-hour expiration date. So basically, you’re spending all your time and energy… only to have it all go away 24 hours after broadcast.


scope freak video downloader

Unless you have Scope Freak Periscope Video Downloader.

Even if you’re not a periscope user/marketer once you start to use it you will see for yourself just how additive Periscope really is and what a ground breaking software Scope Freak really is. But you want to be able to keep your marketing or training videos for later promotions right?

And even if you’re not a marketer Periscope have some great informative videos that you might want to be able to watch later and if you are a marketer you can download that really awesome training video to watch later.

Lets not forget that you can also use some of these videos to help with your marketing if you a marketer, dog trainer, artist, fitness junk who just watch a really awesome ab workout you want to try later and even upload to YouTube with your link. 

Whenever a new platform comes around, the first people to take advantage of it always end up with a massive advantage.

Right now, the Periscope video platform is growing at an incredible rate, and already we see smart marketers taking advantage of this popular video live streaming technology.

I cannot stress enough how groundbreaking this is, because it finally solves the

#1 problem faced by Periscope marketers – the self-destruction of your periscope videos.

Scope Freak FINALLY overcomes this problem, and the awesome thing is that you get to download not just your own periscope video, but ANY periscope video that you can find.

Software creator Ali G has made the software as simple to use as 1-2-3

1. Paste Periscope video URL

2. Specify output file

3. Press Start

It doesn’t get any easier than this, folks!

Download Scope Freak by Clicking Here

Even if you Don’t use Periscope…

You gotta understand this is a Game-Changing software that is about to be released will STILL BENEFIT YOU and ALL your Marketing efforts, in ANY Niche.

I’m not going to blow smoke up your tail pipe, the long-term benefits out ways the $30 you pay for the Scope Freak basic now in the long

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