Paid Traffic Sources

Have you been using Paid Traffic Sources to promote your product or services.

For a long time I blogged and posted my blogs on social media in groups or communities depending on which site I was on. I also did article marketing I even used traffic exchanges.

But, the quality of traffic I received was not all that great the list I built was not very good nor was it targeted like you are able to do when you’re using paid traffic sources.

For the most part what I noticed was that getting traffic organically is a great way to help build your search engine ranking but a lot of the opt-ins had no value.

They got accustom to me giving them everything for free, utilizing free traffic sources can work depending on what niche you are in.

I like to provide ways for people to generate an income so I like promoting info products that can and will educate you on just how to do that not to mention that the traffic is a lot more targeted. Anything from choosing a niche & a domain name, to building your website and optimizing it for traffic and the search engines.

That’s why I started using paid traffic sources!

Now don’t get me wrong I still post on some social media sites but it’s a matter of  how but with paid traffic sources you get better quality traffic and you get it faster so you build a list faster.

You also have to bear in mind that not all paid traffic sources are the equal, the one constant in the world of online marketing is for the most part things don’t always work the way we want them at least not the first time around, so the one thing all successful marketers have in common is the knowledge that they have to test everything to find out what is going to give us the better ROI.

That means testing everything from the type of post you post on social media to the email title on an email your gonna send to your email list even your opt-in or landing page. For this reason I’ve listed some paid traffic sources that can be useful to you, all you have to do is test test and them do some more testing to see which one is gonna work for “YOU”.

I was actually surprised to see just how many of these sources I have used, this list is provided by and thanks to Raimundasm:

Paid Traffic Sources:

Direct Site Media Buys (Banner ads on high trafficked sites) (CPM)
Adwords (PPC)
Youtube Ads (CPV)
Bing Ads (PPC)
LeadImpact (PPV)

And here are some more (in no particular order):

Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads
Google Adwords –
MSN Adcenter –
Looksmart –
7Search –
Facebook Ads –
MyAds –
Clicksor –
Marchex –
AdSide –
Adblade –
Adbrite –
AdSonar –
POF Ads – –
Pulse360 –
AdClickMedia –
Bidvertiser –
Adknowledge –
AdManage –
Findology –
AdMarketplace –
Ezanga –

Pay Per View Traffic Sources

Media Traffic –
Trafficvance –
DirectCPV –
AdOnNetwork –
Lead Impact –

Pay Per Text Traffic Sources

Infolinks –
Kontera –
50onRed –
Vibrant Media –
Linkworth –
Inlinks –
InText –

Media Buy Traffic Sources

Casale Media –
Tribal Fusion –
Traffiq –
Yahoo AdReady –
Ask –
Illyx –
MegaClick – – –
BuySellAds –
DoubleClick –
Burst Media –
Dashboard Ad –
Adengage –
CPX Interactive –
Undertone –
Ad Pepper –

Contextual Pop Ups

Adoori –
Infinity ads –


AdRoll –
AdRetargeting –
Fetchback –
Recrue Media –

Domain Traffic

Elephant Traffic –
Zero Park –


Admob –
Jumptap –
inMobi –
Adfonic –
Mojiva –
Mobclix –



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