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What is a Marketing System and why do I need one?


What Is A Marketing System:

market system is the network of buyers, sellers and other actors that come together to trade in a given product or service. The participants in a market system include: Direct market players producers, buyers and consumers who drive economic activity in the market.

So simply put a marketing system is a network marketer favorite tool when they are set up right and work.
Normally they have a training material as well as promotional creatives. A really good marketing system will have email swipes, banners of all sizes, promotional videos, multiple done for you landing pages/squeeze pages and even weekly training.

Also most marketing systems are setup will have other ways of generating income through the affiliate products they promote either outside of the marketing funnels that are established to generate income passively or actively.  Another thing you should or will want from your marketing system which is their commission program and how many marketing funnels “passive income generator” they employ.

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So what exactly do you want from your marketing system now that you have a little more information to make a really good decision on which system to use. Bear in mind if you’re on a budget you can always upgrade to the next level, don’t try to go too fast too quickly. The most important thing is that you are doing something with what you currently have access to. In the video you heard me make my choice and explain why I went with the decision I made but I stand by that even though both systems have their pros & cons.




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