Alternative ways of getting traffic to your website

Getting traffic to your website


Some of the ways to get traffic to your site will involve PPC and SEO or even social media but these are definitely the only ways to get visitors to your site. Many successful affiliate will have multiple ways of getting traffic to their websites. Simply because you don’t want to rely too heavily on a single means of getting traffic.

Relying on any single way to get traffic will leave open to the ebb and flow of the cost of ppc traffic and the ever-changing search engine algorithms of some search engines.

That would be like putting all your eggs in one basket and waiting for the bottom to fall out. Not to mention the huge amounts of possible traffic you could be getting.

Alternative Traffic Methods

Link Building will increase any affiliate website’s success, so obviously it should be at the top of your list of important traffic getting actions that will also help with your search engine rankings.

Try not to think of link building as purely SEO even though it’s a big part of it. Some affiliate only attempt to link to sites with high pageranks but linking to sites with a low pagerank which could be because they block the flow of pageranks with “nofollow” tags. But, they deliver high quality traffic.

Let’s not forget the point of SEO is to get traffic to your site and any link that gets traffic to your site is accomplishing your main goal of getting traffic regardless of whether it helps to push you up in the search engine rankings.

Blog & Forum Posting

A great way promote your website subtly is in forums and on blogs but, you have to be helpful or post useful content when you take part in any conversation. If you’re in a forum and you just start slapping your links all over the place you’re eventually  going to get banned. The same goes for making some unrelated & useless blog comments all under the guise of self promotion.

One method is to find blogs and forums that have high traffic in your niche then get familiar with the topic on hand. Then reply with helpful comments and build your reputation as an expert or at least a useful contributor to a conversation. Then you will gain traffic form clicks on the link in your signature and people will also want to see what else you may have on you may have posted on your website. Because all your after at this point is traffic regardless of whether or not it’s a SEO booster you have a successful promotion.
Article Directories

An article directory is a place where people write and submit fresh unique content for people so read and download free repurpose providing the original author’s information which will include a link remains intact.

Everyone benefit from articles on article directories because the author gets their articles will get circulated on the web free, not to mention they will also earn free backlinks and traffic in the process and if you’re using the article you get fresh content that you can use for your newsletter or even create and ebook with your own spin on the article creating fresh content.

article directory trafficThere are a number of good article directories out there one that’s I’ve used in the past under a pen name is but you content “MUST” be unique, some others are listed below.


Wouldn’t you like to speed-up this process by getting your articles submitted to hundreds of directories in no time, Here is a sites that can do that for you.

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There are a number of ways of getting traffic to your website don’t just depend on PPC or SEO because you could be missing out on a good amount of traffic and customers.

Some alternative methods as discussed earlier.

* Backlinking

Traffic is traffic getting links forum websites in you niche can yield a lot more traffic than just using SEO or PPC alone.

* Blogs and forums posting

When posting in blogs and on forums you must become a valued contributor and be subtle in you promotes you’ll get a lot more clicks on your links back to your website.

* Posting to article directories

Write and submit fresh unique articles to articles directories as this is a great way to not only get traffic but to also build backlinks

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