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When You Buy Your First 12 BTC Packages I Will Give You 1 Bonus BTC package

As an incentive to help stimulate new referrals taking action instead of doing what I did and sitting on the education and done for you funnels. What’s incredible is that it was my ignorance that kept me from starting this journey of mine much sooner.

I sat on this opportunity for almost three months…

Then a little over two months later the person that had just mentioned it to me asked me “did I get the chance to watch the video she sent me a month ago.

I embarrassingly said, No!

But the next day actually look at it that was the beginning of October 2017 but because I didn’t want to join another network marketing company that I couldn’t promote and get referrals I really didn’t want to join if it depended on getting referrals. But the curiosity but had already rolled up and bite in the butt.

Aday or so later one of my mentors from my old company sent an email and for some reason I decided to open it. I read it and clicked the link to a video, and in this video I also saw another one of my mentors from the same old company and that was it.

I said if Mike & Justin is in this free to join program and they are showing incredible ROI, so because I had complete trust in my old mentors that’s what sealed the decision to join Bitcoins Wealth Club which was funnel that went to Bitcoin multiplier.

A week later after watching all the team training and webinars I got the itch to get involved and after joining I got my first packages first 9 BTC packages then a couple of days later I went to got 4  More BTC Packages and I sat there for a few days until my mentor gave me a challenge.

The challenge was, he offered special training to anyone on his to who had at minimum 25 BTC packages and that was the day I realized that I was completely committed because now I can see that I was 25 packages closer to my target of 100 BTC packages.

¬†Currently I’m well on my journey and to be honest the sky’s the limit.

As your sponsor I want to make sure your that the same success that I’m achieving I want you have as well because I know what it’s like to not be able to take care of your family. My son’s school had a school trip to Canada a few weeks ago and I could even let him go because we plain and simply couldn’t afford it.

He is a good boy and he really doesn’t us any problems aside for the normal teenage crap, like the power struggle. When I say the look in his eye even though his lips said one thing I could see in his eyes that he was hurt and I never want to see that look again. That’s another reason why I’m so happy this is working out for me because if I’m a success won’t the people who are closest to you, your circle. Will all benefit from our new found success where we can go into the store and never look at a label, just pick up what you want pay and walk out.

That is what has been placed in front of you cryptocurrency is the wave of the future and because of the volatility of this currency is what drives the price up and down day to day month to money.


When you buy your first 12 BTC packages I will give you one more to help get you started, also it’s pretty much the same amount of packages I started out with.



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