Setting Up A Bing PPC Ad

Setting Up A Bing PPC Ad With A Budget In Mind…

For years I’ve used & promoted free marketing to get traffic, which includes social media, traffic exchange and even safelists but to today I’m going to be talking about Setting Up A Bing PPC Ad on normal people budget. Because when you start your marketing needless to say you haven’t made any money yet so you can hardly pay for traffic or any adding or extra expense because you don’t have a big budget especially if you want to pay your other bills that come first.

With that in mind lets not forget that you will need things like an autoresponder a landing pager creator at the very least and a domain name, that’s not to say you can’t make money online right now if you don’t them but thinking long-term…

And if you do happen to have a small budget and would like to step up your game and venture into paid marketing learning the right ways of setting up a Bing PPC Ad will help you stretch that budget even further!

One of the most important things you can do or should be doing with paid marketing is testing and fine-tuning your ads campaign or you’re going to blow through your budget really quick. I’ve been there, so in today’s video I want to at show you the basics to setting up a bing ppc ad to help get you started in the right direction on normal people budget which you can start at five bucks a day, today.

Note: You will also see why it’s a good idea to have your own domain name with a link shorter when running PPC ads


One thing you have to know is that using a lot of keywords in your ads especially if those keywords aren’t targeted they will help you get impressions, blow through your budget, even get clicks but ad isn’t going to be what searchers were looking for. The clicks you get will simply be because your ad appeared in their search results for something like women’s platform shoes and your promoting a men’s hair care product but their curiosity got the better of them and you get a click but, will that click convert?

Limiting your keyword or narrowing them down to one or even five product related keywords set to {Exact} instead of {Broad} will make your ads more targeted because you will be using the exact keyword your customer are searching for. Lets not forget that most people who are online searching for something already have an idea what they are searching for and will use the exact keyword for the product they are searching for.

In the case of the keyword “Valentines day” having it set to broad will cause you to pulling a lot of keywords that have nothing to do with “FTD or Valentines day flowers“, But.


Broad & Exact Keywords

as you see in the following video.



if you’re looking only to get impressions then setting your keywords to {Broad} will get you impressions but obviously that’s not what you want. Because your ads will show up for a keyword variation that is only related to your keyword or phrase simply because it has one or two of your keywords in it.

Setting Up A Bing PPC Ad

Simply creating an ad campaign is not the end, you must follow the requirements from both the traffic broker in this case Bing cpa network requirementsas seen in the first video and if you’re using an offer from a CPA network you must also follow the requirements and restrictions of that offer in order to get paid for converted traffic. In the case of this promotion I had to remove the keyword FTD which is a brand name keywords and served as a great training example…


Just setting up a PPC ad and not doing testing to refine your campaign is a good way to blow through your budget really fast. Even after you’ve refined your keywords using Dimensionsit’s a good idea to keep making adjustments to achieve the desired outcome, impressions, clicks and conversions.

Now it’s time to create your campaign just keep doing some fine tuning and you’ll be fine…good luck!


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