Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Okay, so the other day you were on Facebook or some other social media site and found out you could make money in Affiliate Marketing. But just like everything else taking that first step is not as easy as most might think because this is a big deal a major step to be undertaken.

What should you do?

  • You could blog, or since you don’t have a product you could review other people’s products and make affiliate commissions. Couldn’t you?
  • What are you going to need to run this business and make enough from paid advertisements to be able to quite your day/night job?

How many ways is there to get started in affiliate marketing, to hit the ground running and be able to earn your first pay check. Whether you’re a newbie or you have some experience under your belt you are going to be mistakes to be made but if you’re able to avoid some of them great but mistakes will build your personal online character.

affiliate marketer5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Start Off…

Here are some tips 5 in all that will help you launch a successful internet marketing career and hopefully help you to avoid any costly errors that will discourage you into giving up!

1. Stick with One Project at a Time

Okay so your mentor or a close friend tells you that they are killin it in the weight loss niche but you’re yet still other people have made their first affiliate marketing check by promoting in the dating niche.

What are you going to do? put time and money into running and building both sites? This isn’t a wise course of action. This isn’t the smartest way to approach your first Internet venture.

Choose a niche/vertical and stick with it. Trying to build or work both might seem like a good an idea but it might sound safe but time and resources at a premium it is best to focus your efforts on one type of offer. Remember that each site or ad you run will require time and work. Spreading out your limited resources will leave you with lower-quality results.

2. Testing, Testing, Testing & More Testing

There are a of overnight success stories get a lot of hype in affiliate marketing/online marketing. But no one will tell you especially the media how much hundreds and even thousands of hours successful people put in their business before turning in a significant profit. The most successful blogs, landing pages, and email lists will not happen overnight unless you have the Midas touch and can turn stone into gold simply by touch.

If you’re running an offer and you don’t see any profits right away don’t give up on it if you’re not getting impressions tweak your keywords. If you’re getting impressions but not clicks tweaking your landing page or your blog as well as you ad copy. Expect that you will be making a lot of changes and ad copy testing.

3. A Relationship with Your Affiliate Manager?

Your Affiliate manager is your best friend & your ally. They deal with a lot of other affiliates on a day-to-day basis, That means they have information you need such as which offers is performing the best. And this also means that an affiliate manager’s time is very limited.

Start building a lasting business relationship with your affiliate manager right from the word jump. Ask questions but be courteous. For the most part your affiliate manager will contact you but it looks a lot better if you contact your affiliate manager and schedule a phone call for an initial introduction to your affiliate manger. Before going on this call you might want to jot down some of your concerns or any questions you might have because your affiliate manager’s time is very limited.

Common courtesy, can/will building a rapport and being likable will help to make you stand out from all the other affiliates. Show you’re interested in working in concert and you will reap the benefits. If you make money, your manager makes money. It’s a win-win relationship that you will need to invest in.

4. Tap into Your Creativity and Your Experience

You’re gonna notice a lot of ads using a particular type of verbiage/style so you create your landing page copy the same way. You also see marketers using Facebook to promote a particular product so you do the exact same thing.

As a newbie it’s not a bad idea to use popular marketing methods most such methods are popular because they work but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself fall into the habit of just copying other people’s work.

Your customers will become immune to seeing the same type of marketing tactics whether it’s a Google ad, an email’s subject line or a banner ad.

You really want to try to stand out from all the other online noise by coming up with your own unique methods. Just because you’re new at affiliate marketing doesn’t mean you can’t invent methods the veteran marketers haven’t even thought of yet. Tapping into life experience from real life and your own unique knowledge will help you create ad campaigns no one else can. Fresh content and marketing methods will give you an edge over experienced affiliate marketers.

5. Never Stop Learning & Producing Resultsaffiliate marketing

I have a tendency of wanting to get all the information before acting so that when I do act I’m action based on knowledge but A lot of people who want to get into affiliate marketing make the mistake of reading every affiliate marketing guide on the planet but then fail to actually get their hands dirty and do something with that knowledge. It’s a smart idea to continue learning and finding out what’s going on in this fast-paced industry and keep building on your current skills, the money will only start to roll in when you actually start doing some of the work.

When’s the best time to get started, Now!

Create a blog or find an offer and run an ad campaign today, No not next week or when you feel you’re ready. You’ll probably never feel ready unless you jump right into the water and start swimming towards your goal. Consuming information will only prove useful once you get to work and apply what you’ve learned.

It’s easy to get your head spinning when starting out in the affiliate marketing industry. The Internet is infinite and there’s a lot of ways to bank your first paycheck. Keep these sound principles in mind when you begin your affiliate marketing venture so you don’t lose your focus. It helps to remember there is no single formula to Internet success. Yea I know, it pays to work smarter instead of harder but when you’re new to this to affiliate marketing or any other industry, hard work is still the most important factor.

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